Keeping it Moving.
Working it out at Optima Physical Therapy.
week by Week.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.



Before I started to come to Optima Physical Therapy, I had problem with walking and now I can do it with no problem. So coming to Optima Physical Therapy was the best thing I did for myself. It is a great place to come for therapy. The people are friendly and have your best interest in heart.



At Optima they have a friendly helpful and very knowledgeable staff. During my time there they have helped me with mobility, flexibility and strength. They work very well around your schedule and the facility is clean and well take care of. I highly recommend anybody needing physical therapy to go to Optima PT.



Two years ago I couldn't do a lot. But since coming to Optima in August 2020, I can walk up steps, down steps. My core has become strong. From 5 squats to 20 squats. My weak side has become strong. Very caring staff at Optima Physical Therapy.



Programs like this one will bring any common person into wellness. Great Job Optima Physical Therapy



If you need Physical Therapy, Optima is the place to come. They listen to you and take care of you. They always take your best interest at heart.



If you want to be physically fit and in good spirit, please come here to Optima Physical Therapy. You will feel better and look better. Take it from me. The people here really care and have your best interest at heart. They have your back and front. If its broke they can fix it. They helped me and they can help you too



Very good place for therapy. I advise anyone having some physical problems to come here to Optima Physical Therapy in Flint. You will see the results when you leave.

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Steven is great! Very knowledgeable about the therapy and condition. and he's patient and I didn't feel rushed. I felt amazing when leaving. I would recommend Optima Phy therapy. Also John is Great too!

Evelyn E

I highly recommend this physical therapy team. They are always fun and knowledgeable about your needs. Stephen, Sam, and John. Always make my day and make me feel good about myself. They also work with your schedule and I love that about them❤️

Sunday H

Was sent here by the VA after shoulder repair. Through the years I have been to a few places in the Flint area for physical therapy. Optima is by far the best around. The staff are fantastic and they got my range of motion back in a matter of weeks.

James W

Optima physical therapy is excellent, They have kind hearted team with caring employees great staff. I recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy. This is the best place for therapy

Steven D

Optima is a good place for therapy. I go here. I recommend this physical therapy place.

Jerome H

I job shadowed Stephan today and he was the nicest PT I have met so far and not only to me but to his patients as well. He explains everything he's doing to the patient and makes them feel comfortable. He explained to me that his patients are his guests more than they are his patients. He is very appreciative and caring !

Hannah T

Excellent care and Service I recommend everyone in the area to check it out (Great Staff)

Lorace J

I was referred to Optima Physiotherapy by the Flint VA Outpatient clinic. I've been suffering with my back pain for years. I found a sense of community as well as pain relief at the hands of our therapist. Extremely skilled and knowledgeable about their area. I recommend anyone in need go there for help.

Vickie A

Optima Physical Therapy is a professional and friendly place, awesome therapist Stephen O'Brien, Waseem Rafiq . My body was reck with pain ,and I could'nt walk my doctor sent me to them and now I'm feeling renew. They're understanding and concerned about your wellbeing. they business have all the new a equipment for there business...... Jesus is head of that business (healing hands)

Williemae B

I highly recommend Optima Therapy. Stephen and Sam are pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. They helped me tremendously with my shoulder.

Annie Marie R

Jesus gave these people healing hands , with special kindred skills. So wondrous there you'll feel like , a new pearson. Please give them a try your body will thank you. So will I.

Mariska and J.R.

The best physical therapist that I ever been to. He worked really good with me. Now I am going there for more help with my other hand.

Vernon W

I currently been seen at optima for my left shoulder. Mr Stephen and his staff is so friendly. The place is clean. They make you feel welcome not rushing you. I had pain in my legs and they treating my pain in my leg which was not what i when there for. I would recommend Optima to any that need physical therapy. I look forward to my next visit.

Horace S

I cant say enough about Stephen! He is truly a healing man... I walked into my Dr hunched over in EXTREME back pain, my Dr sent me immediately to Optima, Stephen and his staff are absolutely fantastic! They make you feel so comfortable and at ease. His knowledge is AMAZING! He likes to get to know you, you don't feel like a patient just getting pushed through the system. I walked in hunched over, could barely walk, crying in pain..I walked out straight ..pain free and ready to dance! I actually look forward to my next appointment!

Melissa W

I have been a patient since day one. Exceptional service. I strongly recommend Optima physical therapy. To every one.

Vic J

This is an awesome physical therapy establishment. Come an check them out Steven will get you right.?

Maria R

Wonder working class of healer. Very professional caring. Will call to check on you. I feel great for weeks. Plus they play smooth jazz for your relaxing. Two thumbs up. Try them.

Alvin L

The staff here are truely friendly and compassionate. They are determined to hrlp you meet your goal. They explain each excercise and they also explain the value of each excercise so we can understand why they recomended the routine. The spaceious gym allows for a relaxing and non judgmental area. Staff work hard to elevate your goals to increase a positive outcome . I dont just say because i am a client i speak for certain number of people with my condition . I am 6'1 and well over 500 to 600 lbs , a while back i lost mobility in my legs after being hospitalizex and i though was the end and i would never get back to a normal way of life . I thought iwoyld be confind to my bed or a wheel chair. I met Stephen Obrien and hw came to the hospital to convince me 4 years ago to let him help me . He asked only 1 question . What did i want . Itald him to be on my feet in 2 week. I turned and paused and the next thing i heard is " I will do everything in my power to make it happen." And he kept his promise i was able to stand in a week and slightly walking in 2 . No matter the challnge Stephen and his staff are ready to do what ever It takes to help you improve your quality. He saved my life 4 years ago and he's helping me again today. So no matter if you have lymphedema, knee injury , back pain, neck or shoulder OPTIMA PHYSICAL THERAPY, strives to getting you back to where u want to be...

George C

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